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Leader in creativity, innovation and respect for Intellectual Property Rights ("IPR") in the Asia Pacific Region

Hong Kong Creative Industries Association Limited ("HKCIA") has been officially established on 30 March 2015 as a non-profit organization in Hong Kong. Our members include organizations and individuals from various sectors of the creative industries, including but not limited to movie, radio and TV broadcasting, comics and animation, intellectual property rights licensing as well as publishing and publication.

For more than a decade, we have witnessed the lack of momentum in the development of the Hong Kong creative industries. The screen community, music, comics / animation, publishing and publication sectors all facing unprecedented infringement especially the rampant online copyright piracy. Even though the Hong Kong SAR Government ("the Government") addresses the problem by ongoing amendments on related Intellectual Property ("IP") Laws and strengthening enforcement, the result is not encouraging.

In light of this, we strongly believe that there is an urgency to form Hong Kong Creative Industries Association Limited. With its legal status, the Association aims to unite the Hong Kong creative, innovation and technology industries to strive for sufficient and timely legal protection that they deserve in order to provide a level playing field and healthy and sustainable environment for the industry development; on the other hand, and to pursue the government the paramount importance to allocate adequate resources for the IP education, particularly including IP as an independent subject in the school curriculum, right from the primary school level and all the way throughout the secondary and tertiary education. We hope that Hong Kong can restore her glory as "The Pearl of the East" and as a leading hub of creativity and innovation in the Asia Pacific region!

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