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Mission & Objective


Our Vision

Our vision is for Hong Kong to be a leader in creativity, innovation and respect for Intellectual Property Rights ("IPR") in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich our culture, encourage creativity and promote the economic development of Hong Kong's creative, innovative and technological ("CIT") industries through collaboration and communication, increasing respect for creativity, and providing effective legal protection for creators, innovators, rights owners and the service providers supporting the CIT industries.

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. Promoting Creativity. The Association believes creativity is a fundamental characteristic of each and every member of society and is committed to promoting creativity and supporting start-ups in the CIT space.

  2. Enhancing Respect for IPR. The Association believes the most effective way to encourage creativity and prevent IP infringement is by strengthening respect for IPR among individual members of society and working closely with all related stakeholders to enhance awareness of the importance of IPR protection, focusing on three key audiences: schools, tertiary institutions and society in general.

  3. Promoting Strategic IPR Alliances. The Association will form strategic alliances with other interest groups interested in IP matters in Hong Kong, China and overseas, to cooperate on matters of interest to CIT stakeholders.

  4. Protecting IPR. The Association will join forces with all interested stakeholders to work closely with governments to maintain an effective domestic and international legal framework and enforcement system for the protection of IPR.

  5. Promoting the legitimate use of IPR. The Association will promote the legitimate use of IPR (including copyright, patent, trademark and designs) by providing a one-stop service platform to facilitate the legitimate use of our members' IP rights.

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