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Enter the 2020 International Format Awards and promote your shows to the world

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Enter the 2020 International Format Awards and promote your shows to the world

ENTER NOW! The International Format Awards have opened for entry for any format that first went on air in 2019 and is now being marketed to the international market.

The International Format Awards are the leading awards for the global format business, recognising creativity and excellence across a range of categories. They are a coproduction between leading players in the formats business; C21Media, FRAPA and EMC, in association with MIPFormats.

The awards will be judged by a panel of international formats buyers. The Awards are open to any show that first went to air during 2019 and is being marketed to the international community as a format.

Entry period is January 13 – February 7

Finalists will be announced on March 11

Winner will be announced during MIPFormats

The awards will be presented at a gala dinner during MIPFormats. Click here to purchase tickets for the event.


Best Brand Driven Format More than just a bit of product placement or brand integration, this category is about formats that owe their existence to a brand or advertiser which has played a crucial part in the formats creation. The format could be a studio-based gameshow or factual entertainment chat show, but it was brought to television with the key input of a brand.

Best Competition Reality Format Competition reality can encompass everything from survival format Bear Grylls – Mission Survive to talent searches The X Factor and So You Think You Can Dance. At it’s core, there is a winner. Participants (celebrities or public) are playing to win – be that a job (The Apprentice), money or even a relationship (The Bachelorette). Even though some of the competition takes place in a studio, nowadays, nearly all have out of studio elements not least of which is public voting.

Best Comedy Format Comedy format is for unscripted comedies, not sitcoms. These are comedy formats in studio or the field that might involve comedy sketches, improv, panels or hidden cameras. These are often confused with quiz shows except in comedies the answers aren’t important. The laughs are the thing.

Best Factual Entertainment Format In our awards, factual entertainment has a broader definition than used in Britain where factual and factual entertainment mean different things. For these awards, factual entertainment formats are formats, shot in the field or in studios where there is not competition but rather the exploration of a slice of life either for elucidation or for entertainment. The topics could be life or death (Deadliest Catch) or lifestyle (cooking).

Best Multi-platform Format These are formats that at their core have some platform aside from television integral to the show’s narrative. A website or social network page that is merely a promotional vehicle for the show would not qualify. The other non TV platforms have to interact with the casting, narrative or outcome of the show to make it a significant multi-platform format.

Best Scripted Format These are scripted shows (either comedy or drama) that have been formatted for territories outside their country of origin. The first episode of the remake should have aired in the new territory during 2019. The show should be entered by those responsible for it’s remake, not the originators.

Best Studio Based Gameshow Format Studio based gameshows can cover everything from serious quizzes to physical studio games, from cooking to dating games. At their core, they must take place in a closed studio environment and some games must be played, almost always with competition and winners.

Best Returning Format This category will award the series which is the best new season iteration of an existing format. This can include any series of an ongoing format that is not “series one”.

Best Reality Format Unlike competition reality formats, reality doesn’t require any element of competition. Shows entered in this category may be documentary-style, following central characters in their assumed ‘real’ lives, such as The Only Way Is Essex. It also includes structured-reality, where the circumstances surrounding the show are manipulated for the purpose of the show, like Wife Swap. This category may include self-improvement/makeover shows, hidden camera shows, survival or social experiments.

Best Host of a Television Format This award is designed to recognise talent in front of the camera and will be given to the person the judges feel have played a key role in enhancing a format by the sheer strength of personality, flair and unique approach to fronting a television format.

The International Formats Business Gold Award 2020 This award will be chosen by the C21, EMC, FRAPA and MipFormats boards for outstanding contribution to the formats business.

Call C21 on +44 (0)20 7729 7460 to speak to someone about the Format Awards.


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