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IP Education Project

The IP education project HKCIA have been working for two years finally got wrapped up. A result sharing session was held on Thursday afternoon of August 26, 2021 at Asbury Methodist Primary School. This project, entitled “Interactive Video Game – IP Education Course: Primary High Level” and funded by Quality Education Fund, aims at enhancing the understanding of primary school students of the importance of respecting IP rights.

During the event, Robert Lee, chairman of the Association presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Ho Fung of and Asbury Methodist Primary School (co-organizers of the project) and Kam Chin Village Ho Tung School (seed school of the project) for their great participation in conducting the said Course to the Primary 4 students. Besides giving credit to the 12 service schools that have joined this project but were unable to come, Robert also thanked the following organizations who supported this project: Intellectual Property Department of the HKSAR Government, Asian Licensing Association, Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation, International Federation of Creativity and Technology, International Federation Against Copyright Theft – Greater China.

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